Concert image 2History of the Choir from a choir member’s perspective

“Three years ago Rebekah Abbott, a professional singer then new to the area, decided to hire a room locally so that her singing pupils (and thankfully others like me) could enjoy singing together for fun on a Tuesday evening. “No pressure” said my friend, “just come along and have a sing, it’s all very relaxed and fun”. This room happened to be in Holybourne and right there and then the Holybourne Singers began their amazing journey (or just began).

In the early days we were just a few ladies (split into high and lower voices) and a sprinkling of men (not enough of them to split into 2 parts), perhaps we were about 15 in total on a busy evening. Some were experienced singers, but many not. We learned from a computer-generated sound, no such thing is an accompanist, often simple explanations were required such as “this is a treble clef” or “when you see that note it has to be held for 2 beats”, etc. Our first time to sing in public was in Holybourne Church that Christmas, many of the choir never having sung in public before.

gloria_tedeum-27Fast-forward to November 2013 and 45 Holybourne singers performed Mozart’s Requiem in Four Marks to a full church of 220 people to great acclaim. We have a steadily growing reputation, not just for “the best dressed choir in the area”, but for our passion, energy, enthusiasm and musical excellence. Many remark on our absolute focus. Our progress in such a short time is almost unbelievable.

Sue Hubbard, Choir Member (written in 2014)

And now, in 2017, we have taken another significant step – the Holybourne Singers have become Luminosa – meaning ‘radiant’ and bright’ – a name that represents who we really are.

As choir member Sue Hubbard said: “It’s really great to be part of this special choir and I’m looking forward to even more fantastic concerts under our exciting new name”.


What our Singers Say about us:

“When I joined the choir I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was reassured by the friendly welcome I received at my first rehearsal.  Initially, I wondered if I’d bitten off more than I could chew; the repertoire was challenging. Rebekah has high expectations of her choir but, along with a high level of expertise and a sense of humour, she provides a supportive learning environment.  Who would have thought at the start of the year that I’d be singing the Verdi Requiem! Joining the choir has been one of the  best things I’ve done in recent years”. Tricia Bond, Choir Member

“The choir is unique in my experience. No committee, no friction, each person doing a “job” for the choir from making our white corsages for performances to liaising with our different charities that we support. Perhaps the most noticeable thing that sets us apart is the fun and pleasure we get from performing, not that it’s always an easy ride, but we are a bunch of people with absolute loyalty and respect for our Musical Director.” Sue Hubbard, Choir Member.