Luminosa Policy on Giving:

Beyond performing music to a high standard, we have an ongoing policy of financial giving to each of the chosen charities to whom we dedicate our concerts. We donate 10% of ticket income and also hold retiring collections at the end of each performance, which we hope reflect the enjoyment the concert has been able to bring to the audience.  In addition, ticket prices are set as ow as possible and free entry is available to  under 12s.  It costs around £2000 to produce each Luminosa concert, and the choirs tries to maintain a balance between the extent of our giving and the need to retain funds for future performances. Members undertake fundraising for the choir, to offset costs and to maintain the high quality of our concerts.  Below is a list of some of the charities we have supported.


Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice

Naomi House Children’s Hospice

St Michael’s Hospice

Missing People

Jess Brown’s Wheelchair Fund

Karamoja Community in Uganda


All Saints Church Alton

St. Thomas-on-The Bourne Church Farnham

St. Lawrence Church Alton

Church Of The Holly Rood Holybourne