10-16+ Years Old​


Luminosa Rising Voices is a fresh, new, ambitious and inclusive choir for girls and boys aged 10-16+.  Run by the ever energetic Josh Robinson, Luminosa Rising Voices is a new and exciting venture for young singers in and around Alton.  Having formed the choir in September 2019, we are keen to attract singers aged 10-16+ in the local area who have a passion for singing. 

Down to earth and fun, we have formed the choir because we believe there is a gap in opportunities for young people who are interested in exploring a range of styles from Musical Theatre, to Classical and Contemporary Music.

The focus will be on vocal technique, as in a singing lesson; including how to breathe properly, how to engage and utilise the correct muscles to support the voice and how facilitate a free and resonant sound capable of subtlety, expression and power, that will blend with others.

The aim is that this choir has a different ‘feel’ to the Young Voices, with music picked by all of us, a committee made up of members’ (when we get large enough). Following the formation of the Choir in September members’ have already taken part in the ‘Leith Hill Music Festival’ – Choral Competition winning 2nd place in their category. Our ethos promotes a real love of singing and being ‘the best we possibly can be’ at the core of what we do.

We know that musical education, particularly singing has been shown to be extremely beneficial to the development of young minds. It has stress reducing qualities and academic benefits. Music making promotes team-building and interpersonal skills and bolsters confidence and self-esteem.

Luminosa Rising Voices is a small group of singers is designed to give the 1-2-1 attention needed by children of this age. It gives them specialist coaching and mentoring to develop as singers and as people. In each session, we do a combination fun singing as well as working on some more challenging music too. Learning is personalised and children are respected and developed as individuals. The cost to parents is just £70 per term.

We explore a broad range of music which enriches young peoples’ understanding of their own culture and those of others around the globe.  The music we sing will focus on a balance between pieces which will be picked by our members, as well as singing pieces which in preperation for concerts and competitions. 

Luminosa Rising Voices rehearse on a Tuesday evening at the Alton Maltings Centre from 5.30-6.30pm.  For more information and to come along to a free sample session, please contact the choir’s operations manager, Mike Rawlins: lyvoperations@luminosamusic.com, visit the choirs’ Facebook page: Luminosa Young and Rising Voices 

Meet Our Conductor - Joshua Robinson

We welcome to our team this term, Joshua Robinson, who will be Conducting Luminosa Rising Voices.  Joshua graduated with a 1st in Vocal Studies from the University of Winchester.  As well as a flourishing private teaching practice, Joshua also works at Portsmouth Academy teaching voice, and directs both adult and youth community choirs locally too.

Joshua has an excellent understanding of vocal technique and his commitment to teaching excellent vocal technique within a fun, challenging and inclusive environment complements the skillset and aims of the Luminosa team. Joshua will teach a variety of Classical and Contemporary repertoire, (in 2 and 3 parts now our choir is bigger).

The addition of Joshua to the Luminosa team will allow Rebekah to work with individuals from Luminosa Rising Voices on a 1-2-1 basis from time to time. This will provide the individual attention to technique that we know some of our older members will enjoy and benefit from.